Vector Hack is a biennial international festival devoted to experimental analog vector graphics. Vector Hack gathers researchers, developers, and artists from around the world to investigate experimental audiovisual works using oscilloscopes, lasers, and a variety of other techniques and devices. In a true community spirit, Vector Hack participants share ideas and develop work together alongside a program of talks and performances.

The event will feature researchers, developers, and performers from around the world as well as from the strong regional scene. This unique combination of community meeting, conference, and international arts festival will again bring together practitioners in the field of laser and oscilloscope art for talks, workshops and live performances. It is a chance to experience audiovisual works which employ unusual, analog, and sometimes obsolete display technologies, and to bathe your eyes in a different kind of light.

Experimental vector graphics artists use lasers, analog oscilloscopes, old video game consoles, mechanical drawing machines, and other equipment to produce images using an X, Y, and Z coordinate system. They often feed these display devices with elaborate handmade electronic synthesizers, complex custom-made software, or other experimental instruments of their own design. The resultant images are often sinuous, intensely energetic, and radically different from what is possible on a digital screen!

Online talks and presentations will build on and extend themes covered in the first and second edition of Vector Hack including media art history, contemporary oscilloscope and laser art practice from a range of presenters from the international scene.

In addition to this, we made an open call for international artists unable to join us physically to submit performance works and presentations to be shown during the festival.