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Vector Hack 2022 Open Call

Vector Hack is proud to announce the Open Call for the upcoming event between 1-8 October 2022 in Zagreb and Šibenik, Croatia.

The deadline for this call is 25 August 2022.


The core of our festival focuses on audiovisual works for oscilloscopes, lasers, plotters and other types of analog vector displays. We are currently seeking works for live performance or screening.

However, we are also interested in proposals for other related non-standard, obsolete, and media archaeological technologies such as drawing machines, kinetic light sculptures, and early computers, to name a few. We prioritize works which involve a direct relationship between sound and image.

We are also seeking proposals for talks and presentations on related subjects; such as vector based artistic production, performance, installation, software or hardware development, art historical, media archaeological research etc.

We are NOT seeking film or video works which do not explore the vector based practices mentioned in this call. Video documentation of relevant work is of course acceptable.

You are invited to review video documentation from the previous years to get a better idea of what we are looking for: 

And program notes from previous editions reside on our website:


Vector Hack 2022 takes place between 1-8 October 2022 in Zagreb and Šibenik, Croatia. 

From 1-3 October, the program takes place in Zagreb at the Jedinstvo Pogon hall, a former factory located in a working class district on the bank of the Sava River. 

From 5-8 October, the festival moves to Šibenik on the Dalmatian coast. Participants will stay at the St. John’s Fortress (Tvrđava Sveta Ivana), with performances at Arsenova kuća and on the walls of the fortress.


There are two ways to participate in Vector Hack 2022: locally and remotely.

Please note that we are an artist-run, community event, organized by a volunteer team, and working within the very limited budgets available for culture in Croatia. We try to do our best to distribute the funding we have in the most fair way. This means we offer a small fee for remote participants, while we offer hospitality, production, and an excellent social and learning environment for local participants. Please keep this in mind when applying.


You may submit a proposal for a performance or presentation which takes place in Zagreb or Šibenik. Accepted applicants from countries within or bordering the EU will be offered travel, accommodation, and meals for the duration of the event, as well as facilities for the hosting of their work. No further fees are currently available for participants who join us locally.


You may propose either a work for screening or a presentation live over Zoom. Accepted applicants in this group will not be offered travel and accommodation, but instead will be paid a honorarium of EUR 100. The remote works will be available on our YouTube channel pending your consent. The length of a screened work should be a maximum of 20 minutes.

Screening works involving lasers should be delivered as audio files, please inquire as to format.

Proposals for unfinished screening works will be considered. In this case, please send an appropriate work sample and written concept. The final deadline for the completed work, if accepted, would be 20 September.


Experience has shown that, unless one addresses gender imbalance, the participants of this and many other arts+technology events are overwhelmingly male. Therefore, in the selection process for our Open Call, we actively work towards a more diverse and inclusive group of participants.


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