Dear vector hackers, oscilloscope artists, and laser wizards!

We are very proud to announce the Vector Hack 2020 Open Call for AV Works. The second edition of our festival dedicated to experimental vector graphics will be taking place from October 2nd to the 4th as part of Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture in Croatia.

The event will feature researchers, developers, and performers from around the world as well as from the strong regional scene of Italy, Austria and Croatia. This unique combination of community meeting, conference, and international arts festival will again bring together practitioners in the field of laser and oscilloscope art for talks, workshops and live performances.

Due to the current global pandemic, a significant part of our presentations will take place remotely. We invite you to submit experimental, audiovisual vector artworks designed for oscilloscopes, lasers, and other types of vector displays, to be screened during the festival.

Our focus is on analog, signal-based processes with a direct, non-symbolic and non-arbitrary link between sound and image. Works rendered digitally as pixels on a normal computer monitor are not eligible. 

The fee we’ll pay for a shown work is between EUR 100-200, depending on the length of the work and number of artists involved.

You have the option of submitting a video recording of your work rendered on your own Cathode Ray Tube oscilloscope/Vectrex/vector monitor/etc for screening, or of submitting either a multichannel audio file or an ILDA file with accompanying audio to be displayed on a Kvant Clubmax 3000 40kpps RGB laser.

We have two types of time slots: shorter works under 10 minutes and longer works between 15-30 minutes.

In the case of laser work, we require that you send us a video of the piece executed by your own laser to demonstrate that you understand the medium well enough not to damage our equipment. Please do not propose a laser work if you cannot develop and test it with a similar laser beforehand!

If you have another audiovisual vector process you wish for us to consider, please describe it in the comments section of the submission form. But keep in mind that we have very limited resources to show works outside the categories already listed. Live streamed works, for example, would be extremely difficult due to the technical situation of the venue.

All video samples should be sent as links to online media such as YouTube, Vimeo, or your own file hosting service. Please provide passwords in case your media is password protected. We do not expect completed works at this time, however please give us the best possible idea what your finished piece will look and sound like.

Submissions are accepted at:

The application and video sample of the work must be submitted by the end of the day 05 SEP 2020 (midnight Central European Time). The selection will be made by 10 SEP 2020, so that artists have time to finalize their works before the festival, which takes place 2-4 OCT 2020.

Please contact us at with questions before the submission deadline. You can see more about the 2018 edition of the festival at:

We look forward to seeing and hearing you!

    The Vector Hack Team:
     Ivan Marušić Klif
     Chris King
     Derek Holzer


The programme is part of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project

Rijeka – Port of Diversity